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The monitoring system of navigation of the coastal area (SMSPA)

the Ship's hardware and software complex of the surface situation control (System), allowing the detection and identification of marine goals with the help of sensors operating in the different ranges of the radiation (centimeter, millimeter, optical, infrared)  and the special software for processing the information about the purposes, received from the selected sensors. 

Information about the purposes displayed on monitors installed in fighting cabin ship and is transmitted via communication channels on the coastal command post (CP). 

as A standard communication channel is used satellite channel.

the Possibility of use of radio communication (in the technical capabilities of equipment):

  • KV - range;
  • VHF range;
  • Channel a standard communication system through specialized equipment AIS.

Main functions:

  • software NaviServ can be used as a means of active navigation (electronic cartography for navigation), including as a source of data for the autopilot ship when pointing to the specified purpose (capture mode and tracking), the introduction of preliminary data management systems fire (azimuthal data)synchronization tracking of all types of sensors (radar, AIS, thermo - camcorder).
  • using of staff marine assets as sensors (radar, AIS).
  • the use of additional sensors, optical and infrared range 
  •  preliminary analysis, processing and transmission of the KP.
  •  the work of the whole complex real-time monitoring, together with the CP.
  • documentation of all the information obtained from each sensor.
  • documentation voice data communications and management teams.
  • translation of control commands from KP directly in touch vessel equipment.
  • range and accuracy of determination of motion parameters of  the objectives of the different size, is caused by  the corresponding parameters of sensors (radar, AIS, thermo - video)
  • used sensors allows monitoring and identification purposes in bad weather conditions (rain, fog, total darkness, smoke).